Introducing Sense Discover:
An AI-Driven Solution to Discover the Right Talent



Discovering, engaging, acquiring, retaining and redeploying the right talent is an arduous task especially because of common recruiting inefficiencies. Sense heard firsthand from our customers about job matching inefficiencies such as outdated search tools, stale candidate data, missed redeployment opportunities, and time spent on manual tasks.

We set out to create a solution to combat these problems that we see too often when searching for the perfect candidate. Presenting to you, Sense Discover - which improves your process in sourcing new candidates, expanding job distribution, and matching existing talent in your ATS.

In this webinar, we talk about how Sense Discover...

  • Fixes the leaks in your talent discovery process
  • Matches candidates to job roles leveraging AI and machine learning
  • Automates candidate screening and engagement
  • Boosts your ROI by reducing spend on job boards and additional resources
  • Increases recruiter productivity by taking over time-consuming tasks

Pankaj Jindal

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Javid Muhammedali
GM, Search Solutions