Leveraging AI & Automation to Build a Powerful Candidate Communication Strategy



Mike "Batman" Cohen, Founder, Wayne Technologies

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John Ferenchak, VP - Corporate Sales, Sense

Mike “Batman” Cohen is the Founder of Wayne Technologies, a Sourcing-on-Demand and Recruitment Training Organization. Wayne Technologies On-Demand Sourcing is a revolutionary approach that provides the most actionable data available, is based on deliverables - not time, and is based on access to more recruitment tooling than any organization worldwide.

Mike contributes articles to SourceCon and RecruitingDaily, is the VP of the Executive Board with ATAP (Association for Talent Acquisition Professionals), sits on the board for the L&D Cares organization, is on the Planning Committee for SourceCon, a member of the event management staff for Sourcing Summit, and a conference organizer for Global TA Day.

John is the VP of Corporate Sales at Sense, where he leads the enterprise business to deliver value for new and existing customers. 

Prior to Sense, John was Director, Global Accounts East at LinkedIn for 8.5 years where he led sales for LI's largest global strategic clients.

What To Expect

Mike “Batman” Cohen, Founder of Wayne Technologies and messaging guru, offers a deeper dive into AI and Automation tools that enable you to message groups of candidates at scale while still implementing personalization.

In this webinar we explore:

  • Tools to maximize your outreach while also saving recruiter's time

  • Creating personalized journeys throughout the funnel

  • Tips and tricks for message cadence and formatting

  • The role of psychological profiling

  • Best practices for text length, images and writing style